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Synopsis of Public Meeting Posted on 27 Sep 2016


Synopsis of meeting to discuss the merger of the Adcroft, Bradford Road and Widbrook surgeries

15 September 2016 – Usher Room, Trowbridge Civic Centre


Present: Drs. Cookson, Ponty, Locke, Bimbh, Bundy, Foggett, Collins, Morrison

Jane Milton, Tracey Hallett (practice managers), Joe Cullen, (Wiltshire CCG), Victoria Stanley,

(Trowbridge Locality Group), Simon Yeo (Wiltshire Estates), between 150 to 200 registered patients


The meeting started with a welcome and apologies for those that were not able to find a seat. It was

fantastic to see the hall bulging but disappointing there was not enough seating or space.  There a

PowerPoint presentation from Dr. Cookson.


The reason for the merger was outlined. Primary care is coming under increasing pressure. It is

managing more complex patients in an increasingly elderly population. This is something that we

enjoy doing as it enables people to enjoy the benefits of 21st century medicine. It is however, placing

increasing strain on our resources. 


Other current issues in Trowbridge are the increasing population. There is new building in the east of

the town and a potential rise in population of approximately 10,000.


Two of the surgeries have struggled to recruit replacement doctors. This is because Primary Care is

generally not a favoured option for young doctors. Fifty percent of medical graduates are required to

work in general practice to keep the numbers as they are but currently the rate is between 25-30%.


The solution which has been adopted nationally is that of upsizing. This will enable a larger more

robust organization.  It will enable an increased skill-mix of primary health workers. In particular, we

would aim to have a triage physio service, mental health nurse and increased pharmacy prescribing

support embedded in the practices.


It will allow for easier debate about locality work as the merger will mean the debate is between two

organizations rather than four. It will hopefully allow for simplification of the process of service

design and dialogues with the CCG.


From the 1 July 2017 the three surgeries will merge together to form a new partnership called the

Trowbridge Health Centre. This will work from two sites – the Adcroft site and the Widbrook site.

This will operate as a single practice with full integration of telephone and IT service.


The Bradford Road site is not fit for purpose and it would be massively cost ineffective to try to

refurbish it for any further healthcare provision. This site will be disposed of.


Building of the extension to the Adcroft surgery is well underway. The steels are all in place and the

builders remain roughly on schedule.  The new build will be Disability Discrimination Act compliant.

This means there will be a lift with appropriate access for those with mobility problems and

appropriate sized rooms. There will be hearing loops. The building will be BREEAM excellence. (A

measure of energy efficiency).


The situation around car parking was discussed. The car parking provision will be improved but it will

still be finite. Drs. Locke and Cookson spent many meetings negotiating it as hard as they possibly

could with the NHS property company to gain the maximum car parking.  The property company has

a strict set of rules and we have got as many spaces as we are allowed.


We then went on to discuss the challenges. The new organization will be very different compared to

the current three organizations. This applies for our patients and also for the people working within

the organization. We are passionate about wanting to provide 21st century healthcare from a 21st

century building. We are also committed to this being one organization run over two sites. Over the

next few months we will be working on how to rotate staff through both sites and maintain as much

continuity of care as we can.


Joe Cullen (Wiltshire CCG) then came to the stage and spoke for a short time saying that the CCG

were fully supportive and that mergers, federation and upsizing is an increasingly common direction

of travel across Primary Care.


The debate was then opened to the floor. There were lots of pertinent questions.

Continuity – both doctors and patients are aware of the importance of continuity. It is something

that we are always striving to improve. All of the doctors currently working in the current

organizations will continue to work the same number of sessions as they are now in the new

organization. This will hopefully mean that the effect of the merger on continuity is negligible.


Workforce planning – all three surgeries are providing as many appointments as they can in their

current roles. Over the next few months we will continue to plan for the appointment of mental

health nurses and community pharmacy support.


Services at Widbrook – we plan to maintain all current medical services at the Widbrook surgery.


Why isn’t NHS dentistry involved – there is currently no available contract for NHS dentistry in Trowbridge.


Travel costs to the new surgery – those in receipt of mobility allowance can apply to the council for

an increased grant if they have to travel further for their medical care.


X-ray facilities – we were hoping to have these installed in the surgery but the RUH has decided that

they wish to maintain the facility at Trowbridge Hospital.

Capacity – our aim is to have an appropriate number of staff (clinical and non-clinical) doing their

appropriate roles.  This applies from answering the phone to appointments with nurses,

appointments with doctors, actioning mail, actioning pharmacy requests.

Next meeting – we will book another meeting in the new year in a larger venue

Patient Participation Group – the partners will form a group involving interested parties from all 3 surgeries.






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