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  • New birth injuries compensation scheme announced17 Oct 2016 01:09The government is proposing a new system for compensating parents in England for injuries to babies during birth, which will allow medical staff to speak openly.
  • Midwives: NHS spending on agency staff in England doubles to £25m15 Oct 2016 22:31The NHS in England spent £25m on agency midwives last year - more than double the figure for 2013, a report from the Royal College of Midwives says.
  • Investigation over cancer 'cure' GcMAF in health food shop16 Oct 2016 10:06An undercover investigation by 5 live Investigates has found an unlicensed blood product being sold illegally in the UK to treat cancer.
  • Breast implant register launches 'to safeguard patients'15 Oct 2016 00:15A new register of breast implant surgery patients in England has been set up to improve the safety of their care.
  • Mental health budgets 'still being cut despite pledge'14 Oct 2016 18:01Mental health services in England are still having their budgets cut, despite government assurances they would be funded on a par with physical healthcare, figures suggest.
  • Leukaemia transplant blocked by Home Office visa denial15 Oct 2016 10:13A leukaemia sufferers' life saving operation is blocked after her Nigerian sister is denied permission to enter the UK to donate bone marrow, a charity says.



Asthma can be improved by regular attendance at the health promotion clinic run by our asthma diploma accredited nurse and led by Dr Swan. You may be referred to our spirometry clinic.


A specially trained practice nurse holds regular clinics for diabetic patients which includes educating them regarding eye care, foot care, diet, blood pressure, sugar control etc. All diabetic patients are offered annual eye screening at the surgery.

Vascular Risk

Patients with raised blood pressure or other risk factors will be invited to attend the surgery and have the appropriate checks.

Cervical Smear Tests

We all think this test is an extremely important part of preventative medicine. At present tests are done routinely every three years between the ages of 25 and 49 and every five years aged 50 - 65, but if there are medical indications, they are done more frequently. Our practice nurses are qualified to undertake smears and offer appointments during the afternoon. Please tell the receptionist when you are booking as you will need a longer-than-usual appointment.

Family Planning

All the doctors offer contraceptive services both to our own patients and to patients from outside the practice. All types of family planning services, including coil fits, are available. Family planning appointments can be made with the nurse who is trained to give family planning advice. Please tell the receptionist if you require a coil fit or check. As so many younger women are working and find it difficult to attend at a set clinic time, we have found that this is the most popular way to offer this service.

Maternity Services

If you think you may be pregnant the first step is to have a pregnancy test done at the chemist's or to buy one and do it yourself at home. You should then telephone (01225) 765840 to make a maternity booking with the midwives.

We have two attached community midwives who organise and run antenatal clinics, visit expectant mothers in their homes, and look after the mothers in labour. They also visit new mothers and babies at home after discharge from hospital.

Children's Health

Our health visitors care for all children under five years. They run baby clinics and antenatal and postnatal support groups, in addition to immunisation clinics and developmental screening. They also offer a children's triage service, where they are able to advise and treat a wide range of conditions. You may ring the health visitor direct on (01225) 711480 or contact reception for details of their availability.

Children's Immunisation

Your child will normally be called for appointments for routine vaccinations at our weekly immunisation clinic by the Community Paediatric Department computer system. However, immunisations may be arranged at other times if necessary. If you think your child has missed any injections do let us know. It is important that all children are fully protected.

Child Development Checks

Regular checks on your child’s growth and development are carried out in the practice by your health visitor or one of our three doctors who have been specially trained in this field.

Health Checks

New Patient Checks

If you are currently on medication or receive regular repeat medication this check will be carried out by your new doctor. This enables us to obtain details of your medical history prior to receiving your medical records from your previous doctor.

NHS Health Checks

Our health care assistants offer these. They involve a blood pressure and urine test and advice on diet, exercise, alcohol and smoking. Immunisations are also checked. These health checks are available on request - please enquire at reception.


We offer health checks for carers in conjunction with Carers Support. Please let us know if you are a Carer so we can add your name to our Carers Register.

Minor Surgery

Many types of minor operations can be carried out by the doctors in the surgery.

Practice Nursing Service

In our treatment room our practice nurses provide a variety of services including: blood pressure checks, immunisation for children and adults, cervical smears, advice on breast examination, family planning, blood tests, ECGs, dressings and ear syringing. We also have a medical technician, who is trained to carry out blood tests, ECGs and other routine services.

Adult Immunisations

The practice is a recognised Yellow Fever Centre and also offers a full range of advice necessary for travel. Please allow sufficient time when contacting the surgery as some courses of inoculation consist of three injections given at specific intervals. Some vaccinations incur a charge.

Influenza Vaccination

In October each year we offer all our patients over 65 and patients with heart or chest problems, asthma and diabetes, a flu vaccination. Please enquire at reception from September onwards to make your appointment.

Pneumococcal Vaccination

We offer all our patients aged 65 and over and certain 'at risk' groups, immunisation against penumococcal infections (ie pneumonia). One vaccination is all most people need for immunity (there are exceptions; the nurse can advise).

Counselling And Psychology

These services are available at the practice by referral from your doctor, nurse or health visitor.

Community Nursing

Following assessment, our district nurses will provide nursing care for our acutely ill, chronically sick or terminally ill patients, within their own home. In addition to nursing care they support carers and can advise on continence problems and help with the supply of aids and equipment.

Medicals And Reports

All our doctors are happy to provide insurance medicals and reports and carry out medicals for HGV drivers, pre-employment, sporting activities and health insurance claims etc. Please allow at least one week for completion.

Please note that these services are not available under the NHS and a fee is payable. An up-to-date list of our fees is available at reception.


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